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Stephen A. L. Rothschild, Stephen A. L. Rothschild * Elected to membership in the International Honorary Legal Fraternity of Phi Delta Phi.."...established in the year 1869 to promote a high standard of professional ethics and culture...(for PDP click here)......"; * Selected for Marquis' Who's Who In American Law; *

The Company has achieved precedent-setting results in far-reaching matters for its' clients for more than a quarter century in business and financial matters, transactions and controversy resolutions affecting an estimated approximation of well over Two Billion Dollars ($2,000,000,000.00) in important personal and business property rights, and more. Stephen A. L. Rothschild is a multi-faceted inter-disciplinary company in two (2) primary segments - "A" -"not-for-profit" and "B"-"for-profit" ventures. Stephen A. L. Rothschild strives to associate the Best Talent in the World for client projects in which one cannot afford to lose and must achieve far reaching results. The Company's precedent-setting results in successful business and controversy resolution projects ranging from...(A) efforts resulting in the modernization of The New York Times' printing presses and the integration company formed successfully going public on Wall Street in breathtaking time to...(Z)... obtaining the withdrawal of a bill introduced by the Chairman of the most powerful committee in the United States House of Congress in Washington DC ... the House Ways and Means Committee, ...speak for themselves as proof of only some of the Company's successful results achieved. This is the company you may want to choose for matters too important to lose; but, please remember, although the Company tries hard for you and wants to succeed in all it does for you, of course there can be no guarantees, and, although the Company has many precedent-setting successes and achievments, past performance is no guarantee of future success. Even so, as you will see, particularly if you become a Company client, the Company seeks the best talent to achieve the best result for its' clients.
It is believed this web site can be a very valuable method for you to secure the services of the Company. On this home page the Company will introduce the Company's business services offered to its clients, as well as the Company's Pro Bono Services offered for the Public Good and highlight other important areas potentially valuable for you and describing new business and Pro Bono opportunities. On this Home page you will, also, find a general description of the Company's services and points of contact for you. The Company wants to be of exceptional service and value to you, and as a prospective client, you are most welcome. The following is a glossary of terms for this site to help clarify the Company's activities for your benefit. As to all terms defined in the glossary, notwithstanding anything to the contrary, if any, all intents, purposes and actions and terms are always made to be subject to and in conformity with applicable law and good ethics: "Humanitarian" is intended to be "One who is devoted to the promotion of human welfare and the reduction of human suffering". Moreover, the Company, is a private and not a public company, as Stephen A. L. Rothschild is a private and not a public personality. As such the Company strives to be "apolitical" and "nonpartisan". "Merchantbanking" is defined to be "Private Merchantbanking ... The private syndication of debt and/or equity. The building of Business and Businesses for you". The Company is not a public "bank" in the sense that it does not accept demand, time or traditional banking deposits. "Legal Consultants" is defined to be "Providing consultation to you striving to select and retain for your particular project, the best legal counsel, globally". "Program Managers" is defined to be "Managing each Project and/or Business matter for you on a short term or long term basis". Please begin by "clicking" on the section bar titled "Conditions and Terms of Use" above this line. This section sets out the terms and conditions of the web site and certain services the Company does not offer, such as practicing law. In this connection, the Company never offers or provides services in areas of the world where it or its associates are not licensed or permitted to perform such services. Other sections of this web site are entitled and describe the following: (1) The "About the Firm" section lists a more detailed description of background, experience, success stories, and philosophy; (2) "The Firm's Services" section describes pricing the fees of the Company for services rendered; (3) "Advisory Consultants" is a section of the site describing the top world talent the Company strives to utilize in achieving your goals as a Company Client; (4) The "Top World Expert and Client Accolades" section of this Site describes what experts are saying about the Company or its members; and (5) The "New Project and Business Opportunities" section is reserved for Clients of the Company and others pre-qualified for exciting opportunities described in it. Stephen A. L. Rothschild's charter mission is, notwithstanding anything to the contrary, to focus all intents and activities to be subject to and in conformity with applicable law and good ethics. Subject thereto, the Company engages in many activities. If it is for profit or not for profit business interests you have in a matter in which you cannot afford to loose, you should seriously consider engaging Stephen A. L. Rothschild. A few of the Company's many precedent-setting accomplishments are listed in this web site. Discretion and integrity require that the most important matters be and remain undisclosed.
Inquires are welcomed. Here are a few. What is the Company's primary mission? A primary mission is to raise and invest funds into for profit and not for profit ventures that benefit world humanitarian and ethical issues involving health, the economy, jobs and the sanctity of the work place. The Company, also, works to develop new businesses for its own account and clients, and new business for existing firms and advising governments.
The Company has significant experience in Washington DC, the Federal Courts; the United States Congress, Senate, and Federal Agencies, New York and Wall Street in advisory and contractual-principal roles having been awarded the highest ratings in all categories by the nation's oldest and most respected legal directory, being included in the Marquis Who's Who in American Law, being an elected member of The Phi Delta Phi Honorary Academic International Legal Fraternity and invited to advisory boards of firms with presence in over 50 countries. Coming attractions will include information points for prospective new clients: (a) some of the Company's new accomplishments, (b) a section regarding important new projects' business plans for discussion purposes only concerning invited and qualified individuals, firms and foundations, as well as, (c) a very important Pro Bono Section for projects in which the Company will make matching value contributions for such Public Interest Projects as the Company believes among the most important in today's world and for which the Company may, together with World Top Talent, make some difference, Divine Providence willing.
The Company wants to bring you, the client, success in your endeavors. That is worth our untiring efforts. You have my commitment the Company will strive to make a big difference in bringing the "good" to the results you receive.

"I  hope you will find the information you need on this site about the Company and the services provided more responsive and informative. On behalf of the Company, and as its Chairman and Managing Trustee, let me express that the Stephen A. L. Rothschild Company looks forward to the privilege of working with you. "
- Stephen A. L. Rothschild.

Often our service product is "...the result of top world experts' collaboration in a world of designed communication built with creative ideas, content and  words fortunate to get you across the finish line a winner..."

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